About Us

About the company


Ruby Signature is an Australian company, designed and distributing high quality cruelty free makeup brushes around the world. 
Ruby Signature synthetic bristle are more hygienic and hypoallergenic then Animal fur. Unlike natural brushes, our synthetic brushes don’t “trap” and absorb makeup between bristles, which means that you’ll use less product than you would with natural brushes. Synthetic brushes tend to be flatter and smoother than natural bristles, which makes them ideal for precision.

Price is not always an indicator of quality. Back in the day, animal hair was the only material available for brush making, so it became the standard. Thanks to technology, today’s synthetic filaments are specifically designed to enhance makeup brush functionality and performance. Natural-hair bristles are no longer the benchmark of quality.

We use the latest advancements synthetic bristles to mimic animal soft fur texture in our makeup brushes, to pickup and hold powders like fur does. Our brushes last longer than animal fur, don't dry out, they don't become scratchy overtime like animal fur does.

Ruby Signature bristle fibres are equally soft like animal fur so there is no need for animal involvement whatsoever, all products are 100% vegan and cruelty free.

How we got started

I'm a makeup artist and for a long time struggle to find the right quality, right prices and right bristle to suit my sensitive skin. One day I decide to order my own custom made brush and get to choose my own bristles fibres material. When I start using my own design synthetic brushes I've realised that they are equally soft as animal fur brush and are much more hypoallergenic, also prices range are a big different.

I started using my custom design brushes on my client and surprisingly they all give great review about how soft they are and it does not irritate their sensitive skin. It took 2 years to design my first vegan brush set collection and launch my first pop up shop in December 2015 at Watergarden shopping centre with a motivation and passion to deliver high quality synthetic brushes with affordable prices range to every woman around the world.

Where are we

We are based in Melbourne and can be contacted through contact@rubysignature.com